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View Katelena Hernandez Cowles and Comfort Station featured in Jon Windham's short film about Big Medium's East Austin Studio Tour 2015.

comfort station

Resting in the space between day spa, fetish shop, and soft, cuddly safety blanket, Comfort Station is a haven of love, acceptance, and service. Within its pink and padded walls, nestled in white, puffy comfort or swathed in soft scarlet fleece, you will be pampered in the sweet, innocent ways you crave, without judgment and with honest affection. Visitors are asked to repay these services following their sessions with currency or trades equal to the value they believe they have received. 


How may I serve you? 


Services Include:


Lullaby Sessions

Band-Aid Placement Rituals

Full Attention Sessions (optional cell-phone hang-up available) 

Forehead Kiss 

Back Pat/Scratch

Human Couch (shoulder-, lap-, or hip-lying)

Hair Play

And more 


Note: services do not include sexual play of any kind. 


All that I ask is that at the end of the session you pay me, or give me in trade, exactly what you think your service is worth to you. Is this service like a mother’s or lover’s, and is expectd to be given for free? Is this a therapy session with an expert, which might merit hundreds of dollars an hour? A minimum-wage caretaker? A friend? A maternal prostitute? How do you make that determination? Would that price be higher if I looked different, spoke with a different accent, had degrees up on the wall?

To continue your experience, collections of Comfort Station branded accessories and blankies, sugar-pop comfort licks, and touchstones are available for purchase in the pop-up spa. 


Comfort Station Pop-Up Spa is available for installation in museums, galleries, fairs, and public spaces. 

Private visitation sessions can also be arranged for individuals.

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The artist thanks the following for their help with this project: 


This piece was supported in part by a grant from the Economic Development Department Cultural Arts Division, City of Austin. Women & Their Work provided umbrella support for this grant.

Performance Assistant: Elise Sibley Chandler

Production Assistants: Virginia Jones and Amy Rice

Film documentation: Jon Windham

Photographers: Leon Alesi, Philip Rogers

Presentation Partner: Fisterra Studios (Jennifer Chenoweth gave support above and beyond anything I could have hoped for!)

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