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(Everything Is Fine)

Created in response to the #selfiegauntlet It's Not You, It's Me at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Visible Scars (Everything Is Fine) is an interactive selfie station in which one's discomfort becomes visible while the perfect face one usually presents to the world becomes unrecognizable. 

The piece consists solely of a wall painted with a rectangle of magenta with the hand-painted words Everything Is Fine repeated periodically along it. Particpants are invited, through a representative image, to use rubber bands to alter their appearance; the tighter the band, the more advanced the disfigurement. It is up to them how far they will go. They are invited to use their own camera to take a selfie and post their photo to social media. LED lighting with an extra dose of ultraviolet leads to intense results.

Visible Scars is available for installation in museums, galleries, fairs, and public spaces. 

SelfieGauntletEverythingIsFine copy.jpg

Click to zoom.

The artist thanks the following for their help with this project: 

Presentation Partner: Zac Traeger at Museum 

Assistants: Emily Torrance and Annika Katz

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